Other Resources


The CLARA Simplified Planning Tool (SPT) aims to support local planners to find the best solution for water supply and sanitation in their planning objective. Simplified means that the software tool is based on numbers of assumptions, which allow the planner to use the SPT with the limited amount of data available at the pre-planning phase of a project.

Link to the tool: http://clara.boku.ac.at/index.php/planning-tool-2


SaniPlan is a decision support tool that provides a structured approach to planning for urban sanitation. It focuses on integrated service performance with a detailed assessment of finances. It also serves as a planning tool for improving stakeholder participation. This tool enables local priorities users to identify key actions for service improvement. Its dashboards also support more informed interaction with decisions makers. SaniPlan has three modules: a) Performance Assessment, b) Action Planning and c) Financial Planning.

It provides a multi-year planning framework for improving performance. A key feature of SANIPLAN is to develop a feasible financing plan for both capital and operating expenditures in local finances context.

Link to the tool: http://ifsmtoolkit.pas.org.in/home/#saniplan


Rapid urbanization has led to a sanitation crisis in low-income urban areas. How can limited public funding best be used to improve sanitation and reduce public health risks? City governments and development partners lack tools to assess the public health risks from poor sanitation. The SaniPath Exposure Assessment Tool is designed to assess risk related to poor sanitation and to help prioritize sanitation investments based on the exposures that have the greatest public health impact.

Link to the tool: http://sanipath.org/