The Toolbox by FSMA is a web platform with a suite of tools and resources designed to assist and guide anyone interested in undertaking assessments and planning infrastructure improvements. The tools on the platform seek to:

  1. 01.

    1. Educate and guide users on technical standards and approaches to plan new interventions

    Ex: How to estimate the capacity of a new faecal sludge treatment plant? When to consider co-treatment? How to estimate the number, type and capacity of desludging trucks?

  2. 02.

    2. Encourage stakeholders to make informed decisions using survey-based inputs

    The platform provides for a seamless mobile to desktop interaction and converts data collected in the field into useful decision outcomes supported by infographics.

The Toolbox by FSMA, first conceived and implemented by the Asian Institute of Technology with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has evolved over the years with valuable contribution, inputs and feedback from various organizations such as CEPT University, CSTEP and University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.

The current version of the platform is the latest update and brings new exciting content and an improved web-based user interface. This initiative was led by Athena Infonomics with support and inputs from a network of partners (CDD Society, Emanti Management Consultants, Asian Institute of Technology, Cabinet EDE, AFWA and IWMI) and experts (Dr. Shirish Singh, Dorai Narayan, Dave Robbins, Sujaya Rathi, Isabel Blackett, Peter Hawkins and Mingma Sherpa). Currently, the platform is anchored and owned by the Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) Alliance.

If you have questions on the platform content or if you would like to become a contributor, contact us.



There are an array of tools on sanitation in the public domain that assist with situational assessment/diagnostics, project planning and monitoring. The Toolbox by FSMA in its current version is a first step towards consolidating various assessment and planning tools, with an intent to reduce duplication and leverage content synergies. In its latest version, the Toolbox by FSMA has attempted to integrate into the platform Fecal Sludge Management tools developed by the World Bank and select published resources such as the EAWAG faecal sludge quantification approach and IWMI resource recovery toolkit.


    The Assess product module seeks to guide users to undertake a 360-degree assessment of their FSM system and builds on three tools namely the AIT Situational Assessment Tool, World Bank CSDA toolkit and the SFD graphic generator.

  2. PLAN

    The plan toolkit has three key sub-modules namely; Infrastructure Planning, Stakeholder engagement and Business Models.

    The tool on infrastructure planning is designed to fill key gaps in existing product modules specifically in the areas of on-site system upgrades, estimating capacity of desludging infrastructure and supporting decisions on co-treatment and regional treatment infrastructure decisions. On faecal sludge quantification the tool builds on the approach developed by CDD. On treatment technology selection, the tool builds on the frameworks used in Sanitech developed by CSTEP and Financial Assessment Tool developed by AIT.

    The stakeholder engagement tool builds on the AIT Stakeholder analysis tool and World Bank framework on Prognosis for Change (Political Economy Analysis) and helps visualize stakeholders based on their level of interests and influence.

    The tool on business model selection is built on IWMI’s report on resource recovery and reuse.

If you would like your tools/resources to be integrated into the platform contact us.