Why FSM Toolbox

“FSM is serious business”

Fecal sludge management is the business of putting the best environment for use of latrines, septic tanks and sanitation facilities. As we understand that key stakeholders are perennially short of management tools, we have taken the initiative to create a toolbox for key players like donors, investors, planners as they seek for best solutions.

The one-stop database for tools and guidelines

Benefits of using the toolbox go well beyond guidance to implement FSM programs. Users can also access the tailor-made tools and documents ranging from TORs, Building codes and sample reports for we understand that implementation of FSM programs require a substantial knowledge of the relevant fabrics. So while you’re browsing our tools, you’re doing the right thing to deliver FSM practices.

FSM toolbox demonstrates the realities of dirty solutions

While significant improvement has been seen in the past several years for improving FSM solutions, we are passionately working to better the effort and showing how our user-friendly tools can catalyze work of sanitation professionals.

We make it work for you

Whether you need tools for technology, want to find right ways for capacity building, or need to be proactively engaged in the field of FSM, this Toolbox makes your search easy and efficient.

As you explore our database, we can offer you the following objectives:

  • Better understand the realities of FSM and the need for FSM Toolbox
  • Better understand the national level sanitation programs or donor strategies
  • Identify viable solutions for 7 core aspects
  • Assess the viability of the proposed project
  • Procure the resources and services for the projects
  • Monitor and report the performance of the project
  • Build capacity and raise awareness
  • Manage and maintain the operations
  • Monitor, review and analyze the project component