Exploratory Study

Understand the realities of FSM & the need for FSM Toolbox
FSM media for need triggering & awareness generation

Country Strategy Programming

Understand the national level sanitation programs and donor strategies
FSM Policy Review Documents
Engage the stakeholders during formulation of country program strategies
Stakeholder Engagement & Consultations

Define Need & Scope of Strategy

Assess the existing FSM situation in a given area
FSM Situational Assessment Tool
Identify & characterize the key stakeholders based on their needs or perspectives on FSM
Preliminary Stakeholder Identification
Conduct an initial environmental impact assessment (EIA) to assess the potential impacts of planned strategies
Sample Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment
Prepare a pre-feasibility study report
Sample Pre-Feasibility Reports
Tools developed by partners
Get the optimum route from the developed algorithm
CLARA Planning Tool
Analyze the existing sanitation situation through household/property level sanitation survey using an android based app and create a database for On-site Sanitation
SaniTab Tool by CEPT
Understand what technologies are being used in the selected location and look for options to improve them where needed

Strategy Design Option

Identify the required capacity and qualifications for tasks to carry out effective FSM
Job-Profile Matrix (click to download)
Procure necessary services for project preparation
Procurement Guides and Sample ToRs
Identify Viable Solutions
a. by assessing the existing institutional setup & regulatory framework
Regulatory & Institutional Assessment Tool
b. by analyzing needs of the stakeholders
Stakeholder Analysis Tool
c. by evaluating the financial & technical viability for a project
Financial & Technical Assessment Tool
d. identifying the optimized route in terms of time and cost to serve maximum number of customers
AIT Logistic Tool
e. by using gravity model considering the amount of FS generation and planning the budget for treatment in the municipality for the upcoming year.
AIT Planning Tool
f. by assessing the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project
Sample Environmental Impact Assessment Reports
g. by assessing the potential social impacts of the proposed project
Social Impact Assessment Sample Reports
Prepare a feasibility study report
Sample Feasibility Reports
Tools developed by partners
Assess the current FSM situation to develop a FSM plan that is technically appropriate & financially feasible
IFSM citywide assessment and planning toolkit by CEPT
Understand what technologies are being used in the selected cities & options to improve them
SaniPlan Tool
Plan for project components by classifying project objectives, strategies, outcomes & indicators
Project Planning Documents
Set up action plans for project implementation
a. by accessing the current roles of private sector providers
Potential of Private Sector Role for FSM (PSP toolkit by CEPT)
b. by preparaing detailed implementation schedules
Template for Project Implementation Schedule
c. by assembling a pre-procurement management plan (PPMP)
Procurement Process Guideline
Prepare Project Administration Document (PAD)
Sample Project Administration Documents (PAD)
Prepare a Detailed Project Report (DPR) to sum up the finding from this stage
Sample Detailed Project Report (DPR)

Project Appraisal & Approval

Prepare project appraisal documents to determine the merit & acceptability of the proposed project
Sample Project Appraisal Documents
Understand the project negotiation process
Sample Project Agreement Documents

Strategy Implementation

Procure the necessary resources for the project
Sample Documents for Procurement of Project Resources
Prepare a detailed engineering design report
Guidelines for Preparation of Detailed Engineering Design Report
Prepare bidding documents and contracts for the selected project
Sample Bidding Documents and Contracts
Monitor and report the performance of the project by preparing a timely progress report
Sample Progress Report Guidelines

Operation & Maintenance

Put the project components into operation
Facility Operation and Maintenance Support Documents
Monitor the performance of the project with set indicators
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tool



Review & Correct

Prepare a project completion report
Sample Project Evaluation Report & Preparation Guidelines
Monitor, review & analyze the project components
Program Development Manual


Understand FSM from a comprehensive “how-to” manual
Advocacy Manual
Learn about FSM with interactive resources like videos and posters
Sample Advocacy Materials

Capacity Building

Participate in various capacity building trainings on FSM
FSM Trainings
Enhance your knowledge on FSM through training manuals
FSM Training Manuals

FSM Media

Access a collection of FSM-related videos
FSM Media