Consultants support donors and city planners in various stages of FSM program, so that they can provide technical and advisory support for designing, implementing, operating and maintaining the FSM program.

While carrying out these tasks, consultants shall work closely with counterpart staffs of donor agencies, governmental organizations and planners. The hiring agencies and organizations monitor the consultants’ work during their assignment period and review their reports upon completion of their duties. A complete set of tasks shall include:

Strategy design option

Position yourself as a leader in your space to design the project’s feasibility study in order to define the project’s objectives, rationale, scope and costs and to assess its impacts.

Implement strategy

At the same time, provide the services for detailed engineering design and prepare bidding documents, and procurement of machinery and equipment, while also giving supervisory support in construction works, by using your savvy and experience!

Operation and maintenance

Also ensure proper assistant for required operational and maintenance while putting the planned projects into actions!